With spring just around the corner, the number of buyers and sellers entering the market looks set to increase, it has been suggested – and one way of ensuring that sale is by updating bathroom furniture.

Homeowners considering a full bathroom suite renovation, with a view to selling their properties have been advised to ensure the rooms are kept as neutral as possible – and this no doubt includes the color Probate Realtor Oro Valley of the bathroom suite as well.

Interior designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, writing for YourHome – part of the Toronto Star – noted that this simple step will certainly add value to a house, although they did state that it could be worth installing an extra cloakroom suite if the space is there.

“Assets such as these, in our experience, recoup all their associated costs,” the pair observed.

Other suggestions included creating curb appeal by making sure the front garden is tidy, the door number is visible to those passing by and windows, brickwork and doors are all checked for any reparation work required.

It’s a great time to begin ramping up property searches to ensure you’re settled by the autumn when school starts.

Homeowners could also look at refreshing their bathroom furniture such as cabinets, as well as carrying out necessary repairs to their bathrooms and other rooms.

Other tips included removing “edgy artwork”, repainting walls and the front door and trimming trees and overgrown bushes, it is also best to fix leaky taps in bathrooms if the aim is to sell a property.

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